MOTIVE RESOUERCE SDN. BHD.established in 1987, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Latex Examinations Gloves, Latex Surgical Glove,,Nitrile  Examination Gloves and Latex Condoms. Currently, MOTIVE export to over 72 countries covering 5 continents with quantity over 2000 million pieces per month,  main export markets are in U.S.A., Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East, China, Australia and Latin America.

MOTIVE with its acquired technical know-how and coupled with strong R&D expertise is capable of ensuring consistently high quality products meeting ASTM International(The American Society for Testing and Materials International) guidelines, EN 455 1+2+3, and  Good Manufacturing Practices.Our company is determined to provide the best quality products and services to our customers.

We provide value added services such as customization of the packaging according to our customer requirement e.g. small poly bag packaging, small box packaging, etc. We always work closely with our customers and develop the market together with them. Most importantly, we are able to provide excellent quality gloves at very competitive price due to our efficiency. Besides, we also provide LCL and mix container services.Certified with ISO 9001 , ISO 13485 , ISO 4074,CE , FDA ,SMG and SFDA ,etc.MOTIVE is well equipped to become one of the high quality manufacturers of medical protetion.


A. Latex Examination Gloves, available in
1. Pre-powdered and Powder Free
2. Natural white and Blue
3. Natural, Mint and others flavour
4. 240mm, 280mm and 285mm
5. No-Sterile and Sterile (Pack in Pouch-Pair)
B. Latex Surgical Gloves, available in
1. Sterile and Non-sterile
2. Pack in Pouch( pair) sterile, and Bulk (1000pcs/bag) Non-sterile
3. Pre-powdered and Powder Free
C. Nitrile Examination Gloves, available in
1. Pre-powdered and Powder Free
2. Blue and other color
3. 240mm, 280mm and 285mm
D. Cleaning Room Gloves, available in
1. Latex and Nitrile
2. 240mm,280mm,285mm
3.Class 100-10000
 E.Latex Condoms, available in
1. Smooth and Texure
2. Pack in Pouch and Bulk
F. Latex Household Gloves, available in
G. Latex Indutrial Gloves, available in
MOTIVE also available with the flavor gloves such as strawberry, vanilla, mint, etc.


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